photo by Stefanie Candelario

The  Funky  Parables

Guest artist Ziearre  joins The Funky Parables on stage

Tony and Jordan perform at local Bronx church

Tony  Redd

Jordan  Brown

Elaine  Sodoka

Amazing  Grace

Gospel  singer  Bewayne  Brown   joins  The Funky Parables  on  lead  vocals  at  The  Rock  CafĂ©  gospel  jam  in  Brooklyn  N.Y.

The  Funky  Parables   with  Guest  artist  Shawn Deberry

Tony  and  Elaine  having  a  Funky  Gospel  good  time !!!

Elaine from the "Boogie  Down",  and  she gets around as a regular on the gospel cruises!!


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