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Jordan Brown

About Us

The  Funky  Parables

Gospel Like Ya Never Heard!!.

Vocalist, Elaine Sodoka

Saxophonist/founder Tony Redd


"The Funky Parables" is the brainchild of N.Y.C. saxophonist Tony Redd .  The group consist of "Tony Redd" on sax / vocals, and his longtime associate  "Elaine Sodoka" on lead and background vocals. They have been together since the beginning of the group's formation.

              Tony Redd is best known as a journeyman Hip-Hop saxophonist who has had his unique sax sampled often in the world of Hip-Hop.  He has worked and performed with  producers such as 45 King and Jazzy Jay.  He has also recorded with or shared the stage with rappers such as Mr. Freeze, Grand Puba, Fat Joe and the legendary Mele Mel.

      Tony's love of music and his love for "The Word" soon came together in an unexpected way. One day while in the studio laying some "funk" based Hip-Hop/R&B tracks, he was in search of some lyrics. After recalling a story told by Jesus known as "The Parable of the Ten Virgins", he dropped a track called "Wedding Dance ", with lyrics based on that parable.  Soon, his musical direction changed and "The Funky Parables was born !!

        Vocalist "Elaine Sodoka" auditioned one day for Redd in his studio, and  as the saying goes, "the rest is history". Her down to earth  vocal delivery and sound was first  heard by him as he watched her rehearse one day for a local talent show.

             While The Funky Parables' style is often called "urban gospel" or "r&b/hip-hop gospel", they just consider themselves musicians who sing about The Lord and His mercy. The idea of their musical style is to uplift and encourage without being too preachy, and to praise the name of Jesus.

      The group's debut singles, a Hip-Hop based version of "Amazing Grace", and the hard hitting "Jesus, Jesus, Almighty", are the first two songs from the full length CD, "Wedding Dance", to be released in the summer of 2017 Additional members are due to be added and/or announced !!