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He  is  good, and His love will last FOREVER!!!

Keep Your Head To The Sky!!!  


Get  Ready For The Video For : "Jesus, Jesus, Almighty"!!!- (it's definitely a joyful noise!!) 

Hip-Hop Gospel/Soul

Elaine Sodoka and Jordan Brown  in the studio

Gospel Like Ya Never Heard !!

Redd Tone Music

: The Funky Parables

Jesus Almighty

Dear Jesus (demo)

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Amazing Grace video by The Funky Parables with guest artist on rap vocals Jordan Brown

Enjoy our Hip-Hop Gospel/Soul version of the classic  "AMAZING GRACE".   Hear it like ya never heard it before!!!

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gospel  like  ya  never  heard !! 

The Funky Parables gospel music: Hip-Hop Gospel/Soul

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gospel music

Hip-Hop/R&B Gospel Music

"Jesus, Jesus, Almighty" promotional video trailer

Elaine Sodoka

Tony  Redd    

Redd  Tone  Music